Ana Sánchez Madrid

Hatha Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist and Gestalt Therapist. Meditation, relaxation, yoga nidra, yoga for pregnant women and children since 2005.

A vital impulse from childhood has moved me towards the knowledge of the inner world, self-discovery and the search for physical and mental harmony. 

I came to yoga in 2001 by chance: I was invited to enjoy a practice and that same day, I realized that this discipline was something revolutionary and very necessary in the hectic world in which we live.

Trained at the Juan Ortiz School as Hatha Yoga teacher, meditation, relaxation, yoga nidra, yoga for pregnant women and children. Accredited monitor of Laughter Yoga (Yoga of Laughter) with Mª Pilar Lorenzo and in constant expansion of knowledge and personal experience with teachers such as Swami Digambarananda (Sadhana synthesis) or Juan Manzanera.

I have taught classes and workshops since 2005 in the different cities in which I have lived, in sports centers, women's centers, yoga centers, companies, professional offices and in my own center.

Using my hands to create was the intuitive knowledge that led me to study Arts and Crafts. There I learned sculpture in clay, iron, plaster or resins, ceramics, and the importance of creating harmonious spaces in which to live, discovering with all this, the 3 dimensions. I learned about the various types of pictorial techniques, color, photography in its development process and the difficulty of capturing a moment to convey his poetry.

After finishing my studies, I worked in my own company for 12 years, creating all kinds of objects of various materials, in which functionality and the search for that beauty and harmony always sought, were the brand of identity.

Years later, after studying yoga and deepening personal growth, it led me to become interested in Art Therapy as an integration of my genuine concerns.

This is how I trained with the teacher Elvira Gutiérrez Rodríguez in Humanist Art Therapy and Gestalt Therapy who discovered the power of artistic creation for healing, not only through theoretical and practical knowledge, but also through the journey through my own personal process that it is the only way to help others, to make their own journey.